Custom doggie clothes for your pampered pooch

People who clothe their dogs know that while clothing serves a useful purpose, it also is a fashion statement! Denver Doggie Duds specializes in canine clothing for every season and every activity.


We make doggie vests, tanks, t-shirts, button ups, sweaters, turtlenecks, and coats. Vests are commonly purchased to keep puppies warm in the winter months, but we also have fashion vests, so your dog may look distinguished. Our tanks definitely say fun fashion with happy designs and bright colors. We have button up Hawaiin shirts and multiple sweaters and turtlenecks. Winter to summer, we’ve got your lovable pup covered!


When you purchase a top for your dog, don’t forget its bottom! Covering animal bottoms is a challenge, but we have solutions. We have shorts and legwarmers! If you’re dog needs full coverage, we also have designer diapers.


Doggie shades, doggie sun visors, and doggie back packs are popular sellers. So our the custom inflatables we make to keep your dog safe in the water.

Custom Orders

The beauty of Denver Doggie Duds is that they can custom make nearly anything with quality workmanship and in practically any fabric option. The owner, Dotti Larsen, has been a commercial seamstress for twenty years, and she has experience in fabric and upholstery. Dotti is innovative, and she will consider your wants and offer solutions. Whatever she makes is built to last, and it will keep your dog comfortable and looking its best.

How to Order


At Denver Doggie Duds, we want every order to represent what our company stands for, which is quality and fashion. As a result, we need proper measurements of your cuddly canine. We will need neck, chest, height and back measurements.

  • The girth of the neck is measured by taking the circumference where the collar sits.
  • While the dog is standing, measure the dog’s back by measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  • Chest width is measured at the widest point, which is usually behind the front legs.
  • We also like height measurements from the top of the shoulder to the ground and from the top of the hip to the ground. Our custom clothing will fit your dog with precision.

When you are ready to order, contact us here with your measurements and ideas. Dotti will draw a rendition of what the work will look like, so she can make sure that your custom doggie duds meet your expectations. And remember, we keep a lot of items in stock that can be altered if you need some quick duds!